Business managers need to gain the basic knowledge of where the most important data is held, whether it’s on site in traditional desktops and servers, or in cloud services and mobile devices (including possibly those in “Bring Your Own Device’ arrangements). Whether this knowledge is presented by the in-house IT manager or an outside technology provider, the data storage, access

permissions and data processing should be documented, including whatever cybersecurity controls are in place. There needs to be a conscious decision by business and technology managers, preferably with legal advice, that these security controls are adequate relative to risk. That lays the foundation for what is also needed: a back-up and disaster recovery plan.  Here are some tips:

  • Get a Firewall
    • An attacker want to find network vulnerabilities by scanning for open ports on your computer. Ports are the mechanisms by which your small business network opens up and connects to the wider world of the Internet. A hacker sees an open port to as an irresistible invitation for access and exploitation. A network firewall locks down ports that don’t need to be open.
  • Lock Down IP Addresses
    • By default, most small business routers use something called DHCP, which automatically allocates IP addresses to computers that connect to the network.  Be sure to change the default.
  • Password Protect your Firewall
    • One of the most common mistakes in configuring network equipment is keeping the default password. Also every router that we see has the default passwords on them, simply chance it.
  • Scan Yourself for opening ports
    • One of the best ways to see if you have open ports or visible network vulnerabilities is to do the same thing that an attacker would do — scan your network.
  • Update Router Firmware
    • Outdated router or firewall firmware is another common issue.  Just like applications and operating systems, needs to be updated for security and bug fixes.

For more information on securing your network please submit online inquiry or call our customer services number at (301) 325-1709.

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