Laptop Repairs

Laptop Screen Repair


Laptop screen repair and LCD repair service. Don’t scrap your laptop over a cracked or dark LCD screen. We can┬áreplace or repair broken laptop screens on any laptop, notebook or netbook for much less than a new computer. We stock new LED and older CCFL LCD screens for quick turnaround time

Laptop Keyboard Repair


Professional laptop keyboard repair for any brand laptop, notebook or netbook. Located in Delaware we can also fix broken laptop touch pads or pointer pads. Sometimes individual laptop keys can be replaced or we can replace the whole keyboard with a new or used replacement keyboard.

Laptop Frame & Bezel Repair

Bazel Replacement

Our laptop repair technicians can repair any flaw with your laptop case or frame in days, not weeks. We fix issues like broken case bottoms, broken laptop lids, broken frames and laptop plastics. Some repairs require new parts, some we can fix by reinforcing the broken plastic. We have fixed many uncommon laptop issues that other repair stores wouldn’t touch.

Laptop Hinge Repair

hinge replacement

Laptop hinge repair and replacement. We can fix any issues with broken laptop screen hinges. Modern laptops use less metal and more plastic which may cause issues when the laptop is dropped or heavily used. A broken laptop screen hinge is more common than you would believe. Over the years, we have fixed laptop hinges on almost every major brand

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