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Tech Support Scams

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In a recent twist, scam artists are using the phone to try to break into your computer.    They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft. They say that they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access […]

Why is Laptop Computer Ergonomics so Important?

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As the trend of remote office environments continues to grow, so does the use of laptop computers. The laptop computer does provide lightweight and portable computer access to allow the user unlimited flexibility. However, this luxury does not come without adverse effects. The laptop computer keyboard is an ergonomic debacle. […]

What is a 3-2-1 Backup Strategy?

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A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different mediums (read: devices), and at least 1 copy offsite. We’ll use “puppy.jpg” as an example for this scenario. Puppy.jpg lives on your computer at home, it was a picture […]

Patch Management

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Patch Management gives you peace of mind knowing that the security of your system is top notch, immune to known vulnerabilities, as well as in regulation with government compliance laws. Patching keeps security holes closed and applications updated with the newest features. All of this ensures productivity and efficiency of […]

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

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Unexpected computer and server failures are costly.  We prevent many network failures from ever happening with our proactive managed services solution and keep your critical IT systems working properly so your office can stay productive. By combining regular preventative maintenance and comprehensive real-time monitoring of your critical network and desktop services, […]

Spyware vs. Virus

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Computer virus symptoms are not always easy to identify. This is especially so if you consider that that they will Here are some of the most common virus symptoms: You can’t access your hard drive or other disk drives You can’t print correctly You see pop-ups and dialog boxes everywhere You […]

Phone Scams and Computer Repair

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Know Your Facts to Protect Your Computer Envision this – you are sitting at home tending to your own particular personal concerns when you get a telephone call from an official sounding individual letting you know that your machine is infections with a virus. They say they can repair the […]

Dust and Cigarette Smoke

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Your computer has several fans on it to pull air from outside to cool down the system. If the air outside is polluted with dust or, even worse, smoke, rather than getting cooler, the computer becomes hotter. Cigarette smoke is worse because it has moisture in its particles. This makes […]

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Virus & Malware Threats

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Every Computer Tech or anyone who knows even a tiny bit about computers will tell you what Antivirus program is the best. The truth is, there is not one product that is 100% perfect and awesome. Every program has some shortcomings and is not perfect. It is like the age […]

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