Spyware vs. Virus

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Computer virus symptoms are not always easy to identify. This is especially so if you consider that that they will Virus alert

Here are some of the most common virus symptoms:

  • You can’t access your hard drive or other disk drives
  • You can’t print correctly
  • You see pop-ups and dialog boxes everywhere
  • You see unusual error messages
  • Your antivirus software was turned off and not by you
  • Your applications don’t work correctly (especially your web browser)
  • Your computer doesn’t run normally and restarts on its own
  • Your computer frequently freezes or stops responding
  • Your computer is running slower than normal
  • Your computer restarts and crashes constantly
  • Your modem and hard drive lights are working extra hard.
  • The computer starts performing actions on its own

If you believe that your computer is infected, or if you see one or more of the above symptoms on your computer, disconnect your computer from the internet or your local network immediately. Just unplug the network cable or turn off the wireless adapter. By doing this you will stop your computer from spreading the virus to your friends, family, or co-workers. Some viruses also send information back to its creator about the infected system, making it really easy to take full control over your computer and personal information. That is one more reason to disconnect your machine from the internet.

If you have antivirus software protection, make sure that its definitions are updated and run a full system scan on your computer. If you don’t have one, don’t panic. Just call Silver Computer Consultants and we will we will do our best to kill that virus. You can also just give us a call to (301) 325-1709 or schedule our on-site virus removal service and we will take care of the situation. Why call Silver Computer Consultants and not the other guys?

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