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Every Computer Tech or anyone who knows even a tiny bit about computers will tell you what Antivirus program is the best. The truth is, there is not one product that is 100% perfect and awesome. Every program has some shortcomings and is not perfect.

It is like the age old Ford Vs Chevy and most people are very passionate about what they like. I am no different. I have worked with them all, and I like Microsoft Security Essentials program for several reasons:

  • Easy for my customers to use
  • I have been using it on customer computers for over 8years, and I have only seen one or two computers with any infection, and that was from an expired version or when the program was turned off.
  • Installs and uninstalls and upgrades easily
  • It does a great job at preventing and removing unwanted junk, viruses, adware, spyware and more from your computer
  • It is not a memory hog like Symantec and MacAfee products
  • The price is right, Free. Another great thing is that there is not a bunch of nagging about upgrading all the time like other products such as Symantec and MacAfee

There are a few key things in preventing viruses on your computer

  • You need an up to date current version of Antivirus software
  • Your antivirus needs to be scheduled to do a full scan of the computer weekly
  • Your Antivirus needs to be turned on
  • Your Antivirus software needs to be updated with new virus definitions daily or more often

Virus removal can be tricky. If you have tried everything you can to remove unwanted Adware, spyware and viruses, and are still having problems, contact me to help clean up your computer. Many times the hard drive needs to isolate to be able to get rid of all of the crud on the computer.

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