Do computers drive you crazy?

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People sometime get frustrated and crazy when their computer are not working properly. Do Smartphones and tablets mystify you? Need help with software? Worried about internet security? Need help with your small business? Silver Computer Consultants, LLC Makes technology work for YOU!

Services for IndividualsPC drive you crazy

  • Backup, backup, and backup again
  • Email: How it works. How you can get your email on all your devices. How to attach documents, photos, and videos.
  • How to do a successful internet search
  • How to use your iPad or Android Tablet
  • How to use your iPhone or Android Smart Phone
  • How to use your Mac or Windows Computer
  • Love your apps: Apps to save you money, make life easier, have fun
  • Photos and Videos: Save, sync, share, and organize Transfer data to new devices
  • Protect your devices from hackers and theft
  • Set up and protect your home wireless network Use software for documents, spreadsheets, finances
  • Using Social Media: Use Twitter, Facebook, etc. AND protect your privacy
  • YouTube: Share your videos and protect them.
  • And much more!

Services for Small Businesses

  • Help with online banking
  • Personal training and on-site services
  • Prince George’s County, MD
  • Recycle and reuse opportunities
  • Set up and protect your small business wireless network
  • Set up and use business software
  • Take low-cost credit card transactions on your mobile smartphone
  • And much more!

Is a virus bogging your computer down? Do you think you have a virus? Is your computer running a lot slower than it should be? Or do you just need someone to connect your printer so that you can print off your work or school documents?
Because every business technology setup is different, please schedule a free consultation to meet with a Silver Computer Consultants representative to discuss your needs and wants. You can call us at (301)  325-1709/


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