Silver Computer Consultants is a consulting company whose purpose is to solve your computing needs and to help you spend your information technology dollars wisely. We help guide businesses to recommend what to purchase, to advise as to changes necessary to keep abreast of upcoming technology, to install computers, software and networks, to troubleshoot problems. Give us a call. We look forward to improving your business’s computer ’UP TIME’ and providing forward thinking business solutions.  

We Love IT. We Live IT. Trust us With Your IT.


  • Computer running really slow?
  • Hear a strange noises from a computer?Frustration with Technology
  • Mystery popups that just don’t seem to go away?
  • Need a backup strategy?
  • Purchased a new computer and need to be setup / added to your network?
  • Think your computer has a virus or malware?

Silver Computer Consultants can help you address these items and many more!


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